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Cloud basics

The 'cloud' seems to be everywhere these days.  But what is it? Put simply, the cloud is a technology through which you can "rent" IT and software resources on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis. The cloud may appear to be a nebulous and esoteric concept from the user perspective, but at it's core is a g... More

A silver lining: Built-in Microsoft 365 protections

Other built-in Office 365 protections In discussing Microsoft 365 cloud backup it would be remiss not to mention some of the other mechanisms that Microsoft have implemented to protect your data.  This is not necessarily to divert from the need for backup, but it does help to gain a fuller picture of additional measur... More

Cloud cuckoo land: Microsoft 365 backup myth three

Who doesn't like to recycle? I use the Recycle Bin!   Like Microsoft's own backup system, this one is also partly true - only just. Like the familiar Recycle Bin on Windows, Office 365 maintains a Recycle Bin in the cloud as well.  When we refer to the Recycle Bin in this article, we’re referring to the O... More

Partly cloudy: Microsoft 365 backup myth two

Microsoft backs up everything, so I don't have to! This one is actually partly true. Microsoft backs up your Office 365 data every 12 hours with a 14 day retention.  So in theory, if you lost a file today, you could potentially recover it up to 2 weeks from now.  There’s a problem though - and it's a huge... More

Clouding over: Microsoft 365 backup myth one

I sync my files to OneDrive. The cloud IS my backup! The argument goes thus: I save a file to my computer It is automatically synchronised up to Office 365.  That means I have a copy of my file in the cloud.  Then, if I sync my phone and tablet to my Office 365 account, I'm creating even more copies.  ... More

Head in the clouds: Microsoft 365 backup myths

Preamble While most people and companies would never take risks with data stored on premises, there appears to be a 'debate' around whether one needs to back up data saved to the cloud. Office 365 is an excellent service that gives you access to your data from virtually any place at any time — and across many device... More