How to Import and Export DTS packages quickly

This article applies to DTS packages on SQL Server 2008 R2, but will probably work on most other versions. Yes I know, I know - DTS is deprecated. But bear with me. There is a lot of DTS still hanging around out there. How to export DTS packages to binary file The slow way Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), open... More

Setting up IIS Express

This is a brief post describing how I set up IIS Express on Visual Studio 2010. Using the built in Visual Studio Development Server (a.k.a Cassini) is great in many cases but it has a few limitations, for me the most significant are • No SSL support • Can only run localhost – so nobody can browse to your dev... More

Only 24 hours

Like most technical people who scour the web for information, I've come across some really smart people who write their thoughts, offer help, write tutorials, and also somehow manage to hold down a day job AND manage to (presumably) have a life outside of work. One of the most impressive people has got to be Scott Guthrie. ... More

MCMS, XML Web Service and AJAX Data Collection

Recently I found myself having to create a system by which I could capture some user data from a web application using some unobtrusive javascript. I settled on a system using jQuery, jQueryUI and an XML Web Service. The basic idea is quite simple: the user clicks a hyperlink, this triggers a form to pop up dialog (using jQ... More

The 5 minute OOP Primer

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) builds upon years of traditional software engineering principles. The core tenets of software engineering are known by most programmers in principle if not always in practice. These are Abstraction Low or loose coupling Cohesion Modularisation Each of the principles will be brie... More

Create a Windows Form Wizard

A few weeks ago I found myself needing to create a Windows Form application that would allow the user to enter details for an operation over several steps and then commit the operation in the final step. Essentially, I wanted to create a 'wizard'. I didn't want to creat a huge complicated form and thought that like ASP.N... More

Iterate through a list in T-SQL

Many is the time that I have had a list, perhaps created in the front-end of a program that, was pushed through to the database and then needed to be iterated through. Essentially I wanted a simple way to do what in JScript or CSharp is a String.Split(','), returning an array of strings. Usually I just write it into my s... More