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Data capture

One of the most common requirements of a software application is to get users to enter data. This could be a survey, an online form for a loan application, the need to complete a profile or purchase, or simply to login or verify identity. Or obtain consent to capture and hold even more data! In the main, for business appl... More

Cloud basics

The 'cloud' seems to be everywhere these days.  But what is it? Put simply, the cloud is a technology through which you can "rent" IT and software resources on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis. The cloud may appear to be a nebulous and esoteric concept from the user perspective, but at it's core is a g... More

Managing your bugs

In a previous post I wrote about how and why bugs may appear in your - or indeed any software. Suppose you're aware of a bug or several bugs in your business software. Actually, even if you don't have any bugs, but just want to be prepared, what can you do about it? Who you gonna call? Get in touch with a software develo... More

Where do bugs come from?

In popular perception bugs are literally mistakes in software; a result of carelessness from software developers or a lack of testing and QA.  Maybe a number needed to be saved to 5 decimal places and instead was only saved to 2 places. So when a calculation is done later, the numbers don't match with expected val... More

For the love of software development

I happened to catch a few seconds of the TV show "Come Dine With Me" a few weeks ago. The rather attractive young woman hosting the dinner challenged her guests to guess her profession. There was some consideration that she worked as a designer in the fashion industry, in PR, sales or marketing.  Someone even suggested... More

What happened to desktop applications?

In my previous post I defined web applications (web apps) in terms of desktop applications, saying "Web apps are programs that aim to provide the same rich functionality as traditional desktop applications, through a web browser." Thus begging the questions, what are desktop applications and why do we need web ap... More

Website or web application?

Most people are familiar with the idea of a website. A website is where an organisation, business or individual establishes a presence on the Internet. This blog article is on a website! Websites at their most basic are built in HTML - a type of code (technically, a 'markup') which tells the web browser such as G... More