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Testing times

The third shortcut we'll look at in our bullish effort to gain time and reduce cost, is by forgoing or minimising quality assurance (QA). What is QA?  Basically, it is the practice of evaluating whether a product or service meets the intended qualitative and quantitative requirement.  QA is met by tests of variou... More

Analyse this!

In this article we’ll look at the second type of shortcut you can take on your projects to reduce headcount, time or cost. Good analysis - produced ahead of development - is supposedly critical to ensure that the solution developed meets requirements and expectations, and identifies potential problems. Yet I fre... More

There is no Plan A!

In our previous article, we started to consider how your company or team might shortcut conventional wisdom in an effort to deliver projects faster and at lower cost. In this article I want to address the problem of planning and how you can effectively 'cut straight to the action'. Who needs a... More

Tearing up the rulebook

We often like to think that a business - especially our business - is a completely unique, free agent that can do whatever it pleases, in any way it chooses. This is no surprise; many businesses are started by people who feel stifled by the constraints of employment or corporate life. In reality though, there are ofte... More

Data capture

One of the most common requirements of a software application is to get users to enter data. This could be a survey, an online form for a loan application, the need to complete a profile or purchase, or simply to login or verify identity. Or obtain consent to capture and hold even more data! In the main, for business appl... More

Cloud basics

The 'cloud' seems to be everywhere these days.  But what is it? Put simply, the cloud is a technology through which you can "rent" IT and software resources on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis. The cloud may appear to be a nebulous and esoteric concept from the user perspective, but at it's core is a g... More

Managing your bugs

In a previous post I wrote about how and why bugs may appear in your - or indeed any software. Suppose you're aware of a bug or several bugs in your business software. Actually, even if you don't have any bugs, but just want to be prepared, what can you do about it? Who you gonna call? Get in touch with a software develo... More